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"Treasure Coast Treasures" Photo Contest

                             City and waterway from the air.

"Treasure Coast Treasures" Photo Contest Rules

The Treasure Coast contains some of the most picturesque landscapes in Florida and we want you to share your favorite picture that most exemplifies the Treasure Coast to you! We are looking for pictures of the beautiful scenery, landscapes, historical landmarks, sunrises, sunsets, beaches, lakes, culture or art of our little slice of paradise here on the Treasure Coast.
Our photo contest has come to an end as of September 29th. What a fantastic response we received throughout. We want to thank everyone who participated in our eight week long contest along with those who visited our website to follow along with the photo submissions. We've enjoyed viewing all of these magnificent photos that were submitted by everyone. We are confident that the eight lucky winners will enjoy their relaxing stay at our participating bed & breakfast inns and we want to thank them for partnering with us for this contest. Please see below for the eight winners and also feel free to scroll through all of the submitted photos on the right side of this page. 

Contest Winners


Week 8: 

Congratulations to Ellen B. with her photo submission of Jensen Beach on Christmas Day.



Week 7: 

Congratulations to Claudia S. with her photo submission of the Gulls always love to entertain, taken at Stuart Beach.

Week 6:

Congratulations to Wade W. with his photo of an epic sunset after Hurricane Dorian overlooking the Barber St. Bridge from Riverside Park, Vero Beach.

Week 5:

Congratulations to Jennifer S. with her photo of an early morning rocket launch over the Indian River Lagoon. 
Week 4:
Congratulations to Celeste M. with her photo submission of "Diversity" Dolphins and pelicans sharing the Indian River Lagoon! 

Week 3:
Congratulations to John W. with his photo submission of the

pre-sunrise on Blue Cypress Lake.


Week 2:
Congratulations to Ellen C. with her photo submission of
Mckee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach of the stone bridge.

Week 1:
Congratulations to Beverly R. with her photo submission of
"Another beautiful day at the Fort Pierce Jetty"

See Photo Entries Below!

Week 8:

I took this picture at the Sebastian Yacht Club docks. ~Elizabeth W.

This is my home. I came here and I fell in love with this place so I decided to move here because there is so much nature and beauty that makes you feel happy and lets you forget about the stresses of everyday. ~Haizea G.

Taken at my favorite spot...Jensen Beach Florida. ~Kelly U.


Christmas Day on Jensen Beach. ~Ellen B.


Sunset at Pelican Island Nature Reserve.
~Jennifer B.

I had the pleasure of dog sitting for a friend at the Savanna Club and to enjoy the beauty of the lake while I was there.  This is the beginning of night fall when everything is calm and beautiful. Beauty can be found right in our backyards!

~Angela S.

The U.S. Flag on Memorial Island peers above the mangroves on the Indian River. ~Karl F.
Bethel Creek in Vero Beach Sunset. ~Mark O.

A photo from Memorial Island in Vero Beach. It wasn’t until I had moved away did I realize the beauty of this area. Many things that I took for granted, I now enjoy little moments like this that make the Treasure Coast so unique and distinct.  ~ Jordan L.

 Flying into Fall! At Jensen Beach Causeway Park
~Jim F.

A cultural icon, The Bandshell looks magical lit up under the stars at Memorial Park, in Stuart. ~Barbara H.

At sunrise the majestic sun rays begin to power through the early morning clouds awakening the beach. The waters are calm before the next crashing set of waves rushes in against the rocks along the Treasure Coast at one of the many beaches offered to beach lovers.
~Felicia B.
Week 7:
Sebastian sunrise. ~Jennifer S.
Westgate River Ranch Rodeo & Resort.
~Mary Z.

Sit back and relax.. here is my view from the “Secret” dock overlooking the Indian River lagoon in Vero Beach. ~Wade W.



~Matt F.
Sunset at The Pelican Island Nature Reserve. ~Jennifer B.
 Pirate ships in Fort Pierce ~ Cathy D.
 This is a photo on beach side overlooking Humiston Park. ~Jay F.
Sunrise over South Causeway bridge in Fort Pierce. ~Dawn P.

The Gulls always love to entertain.  Taken at Stuart Beach. ~Claudia S.


Sunrise on the rocks at the House of Refuge. Hutchinson Island, Stuart.
~Barbara H.

Vero Beach FL ~Robin R.




 Never know what you will find until you take the road less traveled. ~Michele B.
 On the water in Vero Beach. ~Karl F.
Morning landing on Humiston Beach. ~Mark O.
Sky above, sand below, peace within!
~KyAnn W.

 Roosevelt Bridge at Night ~Ellen B.

Sun rising by Bathtub Beach in Stuart. ~Jim F.

Good Morning Sun. ~Michele B.


This beautiful butterfly photo was taken at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens in August 2019. ~Patty S.
Week 6:


~Lisa R.



This epic sunset occurred the day after hurricane Dorian grazed our Florida coast. This long exposure was taken in Vero Beach at Riverside Park overlooking the barber st bridge.
~Wade W.



A sunset at the stick Marsh in Fellsmere. ~Shannon C.




“Two Palm Bay Sunrise” Magic happens when you greet the world at sunrise. ~Glen T.



 Vero Beach Sunrise. ~Mona S.
Morning sunrise at the Indian River with my dog. ~Matthew C.
Treasured colors from a wooden post in Riverview Park. ~Natalie G.
Sunrise taken at Middle Cove Beach in Ft. Pierce this past weekend. ~Jim
 Over looking Roosevelt Bridge. ~Ellen B.

Incredible sunrise after Hurricane Dorian    ~KyAnn W.

Peacock in the trees on Orange Ave, Fort Pierce. ~Mark O.
Sunset following Hurricane Dorian on a calm evening in Stuart, FL. The colors were magical among the swirl of the clouds and the sunburst. ~Patty S.
Treasure coast means HOME to me... the peaceful river with birds flying by as I begin to fish is something people travel around the world to get here for! ~Steve T.
A beautiful peacock in downtown Fort Pierce. ~Lynda T.
 The Fountains, Royal Palm Point, Vero Beach. ~Mary Z.
Week 5:

Red skies at night Fort Pierce, Florida, South Causeway Park
~Lisa R.

An early morning rocket launch over the Indian River Lagoon. ~Jennifer S.

Blue Heron on turquoise waters, Fort Pierce, Florida. ~Jennifer H.

This is a beautiful evening Sun Set photo along 45th Street in the small community of Gifford, Florida.  ~Ernie G.


Because we have the best thunderstorms on the Treasure Coast! ~Claudia S.



Waiting For Dorian... Jaycee Park, Vero Beach ~Mary Z.


The calm tranquility of the Vero Beach Marina. ~Karl F.

Vero Pier ~Kiya T.

Sunset at George LeStrange Preserve, Fort Pierce. ~Chris T. 


Indian Riverside Park. Jensen Beach. ~Ellen B.
~Alexandra R.
Ocean Drive after hurricane Dorian. "Pure Paradise, Vero Beach. ~Lisa P.
Our Treasure Coast in black and white. ~Rosemary C.
Vero Beach, an American Flag flies strong on a wreck before hurricane Dorian. ~Amy W.
Sky above, sand below, peace within. 
~John W.

Horseback riding on Hutchinson Island      ~Beverly R.

The sun set directly over a sailboat and is framed by nature's beauty at Shepard's Park in Stuart, FL.
~Patty S.
Photo was taken by my husband during Dorian on South Beach.
~Liz H. 

Another Beautiful sunset over the Intracoastal  Waterway in Stuart! ~Jim F.


 This was taken at the beach after they opened access to the bridges for the hurricane. ~Brae A.
Week 4:

Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market man feeding Birds.

Photo taken from Sea Pointe Towers on South Hutchinson Island, Ft Pierce.  ~Janelle M.

Blue crab in the Indian River Lagoon by the Fort Pierce Library

A Perfect Night in Beautiful Fort Pierce.

~Woody B.



Water Lilly at Mckee Gardens. ~Mark O.


Sunset at George LeStrange Preserve, Fort Pierce. ~Chris T. 



Vero Beach Pier, beautifully photographed by many. ~Beverly H.
West Fellsmere Sunset. ~ Mark & Karen L.
~Barbara W.

Blue Hue, Vero Beach, FL ~Brigitte G.
Bathtub Beach, In Stuart, FL. ~Mary Z.
This is picture was taken at the beach in Vero behind Ocean Grill mid morning. ~Ashley H.
The Sebastian Inlet at dusk with all the people fishing on the Jetty. ~Grace A.



Because the wildlife on the Treasure Coast never ceases to amaze me. ~Claudia S.



Sunset on the Sebastian River. ~Jennifer S.


"Diversity" Dolphins and pelicans sharing the Indian River Lagoon! ~Celeste M.



Across from House of Refuge.
~Ellen B.
What a beautiful ray of light! ~Shelly V.
~Bruce B.

The dock at Riverview Park in Sebastian. ~Kim A.
This is the blue hour shortly after the golden hour sunset at Shepard’s Park in Stuart.
~Barbara H.
Come see what awaits you at the Treasure Coast. ~John W.

Apparently this Loggerhead hatchling wanted to enjoy the shells and sea glass before it went home! Taken this past Sunday at sunrise. ~Jim F. 



We’re not just known for our sunrises here in Fort Pierce, sunset is amazing too! Taken at South Causeway Park. ~Lisa R.

Ft. Pierce Jetty. ~Etta C.
 This was taken in Stuart, FL close the the Palm City Bridge area. ~Patty S.


Week 3: 
 Under the Cypress Trees ~Michele B.

Sunrise on the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, FL  ~Jennifer S.

Heathcote Botanical Gardens, Ft. Pierce. ~Laura G.
This photo was taken by my daughter from the top of the Barber Bridge during a lightening storm.  ~Brae A.

Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary, Sundown, At Riverside Park, Vero Beach, FL. ~Mary Z.

Fort Pierce River. ~Rachel V.

Taken on beach by Avalon and South Ocean Dr., Hutchinson Island, not far from Jetty Park. ~Eloise H.

South Causeway Park in Ft. Pierce.
~Lisa R.

“The Gardener” getting ready for the Waterlilies Festival 2019 at McKee Botanical Garden. ~Niurka B.


Blue skies in Florida are normal, Sebastian. ~Tamia M.
 “Time to relax - gorgeous sky at the Sebastian Tiki Bar” ~Lisa P.
 Sign of downtown Vero Beach ~Scott F.
Pelicans at Sunrise-Jensen Beach. ~Desiree D.

Fellsmere stickmarsh sunset. ~Marlen H.

Buffer preserve in Fellsmere Florida.
~Shannon B.
Painted palette from Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach. ~Jennifer H.

View of the Barber Bridge & sunset at Riverside Park. ~Mark O.

The House of Refuge on a quiet evening last week. It is a beautiful Martin County icon.
~Patty S.
Everything is gonna be alright! ~Shelly V.

Beautiful night at the Jetty walkway.



Just Another Day In Paradise! Capt. Hiram's in Sebastian. ~Steve G.

Red Sunrise, Ft. Pierce Marina ~Etta C.
The Sebastian Inlet Teeming with life! ~Joe H.
This is a photo taken on the Treasure Coast at Vista Royale Golf Club. It was just outside of my back door after a storm with the Sand Crane family as well as a double rainbow.
~Dawn H.
 Sunset on the Treasure Coast. ~Jennifer M.
The beach in Sebastian. ~Janice D.

The House of Refuge on Hutchinson Island, in Stuart. ~Barbara H.


~Joan H.
Beautiful rainbow appeared across the Intracoastal Waterway at the House Of Refuge Pier in Stuart only minutes after a Big storm passed! ~Jim F.
I took this out at Traditions on the 4th of July! ~Tammy M.

"Fly Like an Angel" The Blue Angels take flight over Vero Beach. Living here means the ordinary is never ordinary! ~Celeste M.


A Beautiful end to our Anniversary Dinner at Chucks Seafood on 822 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce. ~Tammy C.

Early morning runs in Sebastian, near Riverview Park. ~Shirley R.
Taken at Sexton Plaza this past Sunday

“Just another tequila sunrise” over the Indian River Lagoon in Grant, FL. ~Bonnie R.

 A bench on 20th Avenue. Just one of those special little touches that make Vero "Vero" ~Karl F.

~Adrian A.


Pre sunrise on Blue Cypress Lake. ~John W.

An Iconic Shot from Vero Beach! The Space program is something we all love! ~Joe S.



After the storm in Tradition. Ellen B.



Ospreys- Home for life ~Bruce B.


Home Sweet Home … River of Life Church of God in Fellsmere, Florida. Around 70 years at the same location. ~Carolyn H.
Sunrise over Big Cypress Lake in west Vero Beach using my drone. ~Beverly R.
“Stand Tall” - Black-necked stilt at Wakodahatchee Wetlands. ~Brigitte G.
Week 2:
Another beautiful day at the House of Refuge. ~Michelle C.
: Sunset on the Lagoon (Vero Beach)
~Barbara H.G.
Spoil Island Retreat. ~Susan and Stephen M.
McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach of the stone bridge. ~Ellen C.

Rainbow at sunrise over Fort Pierce Inlet…the promise of another beautiful day to come! ~Suzanne V.


Quarter Horse, Mango and Paint, Sakima cooling in the pond. Loving life in Fellsmere. ~Brenda K.
This was taken on the southeast quadrant of the St. Sebastian River Buffer Preserve. It is the old WW Ranch land. This is a great example of fall in Florida with the color in the tall grasses. ~Tim H.
~Lisa R.

Sebastian’s Heritage fishing industry, remnants of the Archie Smith Fish House ~Rebecca


Shot at the beach in Vero. A Vero Beach Sunrise.    ~Scott F.

House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar
Hutchinson Island, FL ~Danette K.


This the view of the bridge from the river walk way in Stuart right before the sunrise. ~Empress C.
This picture was taken by the St. Sebastian River area. ~Jim N.

There is something so perfect about this picture displaying both sun light and clouds! ~Shelly V.

Sunset at “On the Edge” Restaurant, South Hutchinson Island  ~Fabiana
~John W.
Cotton Candy Skies, Taken at the St. Lucie River in Downtown Stuart.  ~Claudia S.
Mid morning winter sunrise walking over the South Causeway bridge. ~Larry G.

Sebastian Inlet ~Jennifer T.

Fort Pierce, FL ~Tara N.
Storm rolling in over Mulligan's in Sebastian ~Jennifer S.
A picture of a rainbow seen through some palm trees in Humiston Park in Vero Beach, Florida ~Todd J.

Fishing on Causeway Island on a beautiful evening! ~Violet S.


Nice evening out at the preserve. ~Adrian A.


Image taken Fort Pierce Inlet, a shrimp boat returning to port. ~Mark O.

Where everyone knows everyone else just about! ~Etta C.

Pure serenity on the Treasure Coast.  ~Joe S.
A weathered coconut stranded on Bathtub Beach in Stuart, Fl. ~Barbara H.
Wabasso Beach boardwalk sunrise. ~Brenda S.
Rocket Launch ~Bob 
Under the Roosevelt Bridge ~Ellen B. 

Nothing beats a motorized kayak tour in Fort Pierce at sunset unless it is also a full moon tour. ~Beverly R.

McKee Botanical Gardens ~Mary Z.
A truly treasured view from the docks in Downtown Stuart. ~Natalie G. 

This is Gypsea, our marina mascot at the Treasure Coast Marina in Grant, Florida.   ~Bonnie R.



House of Refuge in Stuart, FL ~Sean M. 

Week 1:

Fort Pierce Marina. ~Christina W.


Storms a' comin! ~Jennifer S.
Pictured above is right outside of Chuck’s Seafood in Downtown Fort Pierce. Perfect spot for views and dinner! ~Katarina S.

Sunset in Sebastian!  ~Jennifer K.
The launch this morning from the Space Center ~Daniel S.
This photo was taken in Stuart, Florida. ~Ryan
Photo taken at the St. Sebastian buffer preserve off of county road 510. ~Paige A.
A photo I took of the somewhat submerged docks at JayCee Park ~ Brian D.
Sunset on the Lagoon ~Barbara G.
~Scott F.
Early morning therapy at Oslo Boat Ramp. During the day, it doesn’t seem to shine quite like it does when the sun starts to rise, and the water gets so still, you can hear it start to hum and vibrates as the world around it comes alive. ~ Michele B.

Kyaker coming in to the Boat Ramp at Garcia's on 512 in Fellsmere ~Brae A.

The Cove Restaurant & Marina, in Ft. Pierce, FL. ~Mary Z.

"Adventure Awaits" Life here on the Treasure Coast is always an adventure! Like a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling, we can explore every day, not knowing what exciting adventures await!

~Celeste M.

~Etta C.
Sunset over the Indian River in Sebastian from A1A ~Sandra E.

"Pure Joy". This is a photo of our dog Violet on the first day we moved to the Treasure Coast, North Hutchinson Island,Florida 1 year ago.  ~Christina



Serene Sunset at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge ~Brenda S.


A day of fishing near the Ft. Pierce Inlet Bridge ~Phil K.
On the walkway at Shepard Park ~ Claudia S.
A nice stay at the Hutchinson Island Plaza Hotel on South Beach Ft. Pierce Inlet
~Karen M.

The Jetty Park holds memories for all whose been there! Not only the best place to see sunrise but a meeting place for friends & fishermen! ~Etta C.

A nice stay at the Hutchinson Island Plaza Hotel on South Beach Ft. Pierce Inlet
~Karen M.
This was taken at Avalon State Park, N. A1A Ft. Pierce ~Mary Z.

A peaceful summer shower down in the Treasure Coast. Definitely one of the many Treasure Coast treasure. ~Natalie G.
Oculina Bank being represented at the St. Lucie County Fishing Frenzy event. They came in 1st place! ~Dominic F.


Ft. Pierce sunset ~Barbara


The Treasure Coast country side 


The Florida's beautiful sunset ~Suzanne K.



 Jaycee Park, Fort Pierce ~Heidi W.


Our beautiful creatures here on the Treasure Coast. Vero Beach, FL ~Joe S.


~Katie T.



As a Fort Pierce native, he has opened my eyes to the true beauty that is Fort Pierce. This picture was taken at the Fort Pierce Marina, which is where we go to unwind and relax.

~Katarina S.


Taken at the Moorings Clubhouse on Indian River , 4th of July


Another beautiful day at the Fort Pierce Jetty

~Beverly R.


                    Roosevelt Bridge at night ~Ellen B.



                      This was taken in Fort Pierce at the Jetty, a place my family and I go frequently to relax.  ~Ashley D.


Indian River at sunrise, with the moon still out. Enjoying Sebastian! ~Cindy R.



The one thing that always reminds me of the Treasure Coast is the house of refuge. This picture was taken in 2018. 

 ~Kelly B.


~Jeszika P.


Sunrise from Sebastian's Riverview Park. ~Patty M.



~Kitty R.


Treasure Coast Love, Jensen Beach ~Carol W.


The treasure coast reminds me of bright blue waters, sunshine, and tropical drinks -Paradise ~ Lerin M.


Sunrise at the Fort Pierce Jetty, St. Lucie County.  I love how active the Jetty is before sunrise. ~Kimberly R.


Palm trees at the lake. ~Fred K.

This is a panoramic of Tradition in Port Saint Lucie Florida Treasure Coast. ~Maureen M.

Morning at The House of Refuge on Hutchinson Island in Stuart, Fl. ~Barbara H.



This photo was taken on the St. Sebastian River. ~Jim N.



It is a must to enjoy breakfast at Sand Dune Cafe right there on Jensen Beach! ~Sarah P.



The Look out from the House of Refuse. Has survived many storms still stands strong. ~Sharon N.


Tim Tebow at an event for Special Olympics at the St. Lucie Mets Stadium ~MaryAnn K.






Loving her visit to the Treasure Coast. Under the Banyan Trees  ~Meredith M.



Photo taken on Flagler Ave. of the Stuart tower at sunset. ~Shawna H.


The stunning dock of Charlie Sembler Jr. Sebastian’s waterfront comes alive with his metal sculpture and driftwood Dock. ~Rebecca



Early morning fishing on the river. ~Adrian A.